PointeXpress Publishes Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Letter on An Article regarding the Taiwan Question
2021-10-14 04:51

On 11th October, The PointeXpress carried a misleading article by Reuters regarding Taiwan question. In rebuttal to the wrong arguments in the article, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Antigua and Barbuda has written a letter to the newspaper, of which The PointeXpress published on 13 October. The full text of the letter is as follows:  


Dear Editor,

The PointeXpress carried a news report by Reuters on October 11 titled "Taiwan won't be forced to bow to China, president says", which is misleading. To set records straight, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Antigua and Barbuda wishes to reiterate China's position on the Taiwan question:

There is only one China in the world. Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's territory. Although the two sides have yet to be reunified, the sovereignty and territory of China has never been severed and the fact that the mainland and Taiwan belong to one and same China has never changed.

Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen's speech on October 10 advocated "Taiwan independence", incited confrontations with the mainland and distorted facts. Under the guise of so-called consensus and unity, Tsai had attempted to kidnap public opinion in Taiwan and collude with foreign forces for her purpose of seeking "independence".

On the basis of adhering to the one-China principle, there will be no obstacles in exchanges between political parties and groups in Taiwan and the mainland. However, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party authority, which seeks "Taiwan independence" and denies the 1992 Consensus that embodies the one-China principle, has broken the foundation for cross-Straits dialogue. Their words and deeds are not only "rash" and in no way represent "goodwill". The DPP's provocations to seek "Taiwan independence" remain the source of tension and turbulence in cross-Straits relations, the biggest threat to peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits, and the greatest obstacle to our national reunification.

 National reunification by peaceful means best serves the interests of the Chinese nation as a whole, including our compatriots in Taiwan. The central government of China will adhere to the basic policies of peaceful reunification and One Country, Two Systems, uphold the one-China principle and the 1992 Consensus, and work for the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations.

Since the establishment of its diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China, the government of Antigua and Barbuda has been committed to the one-China principle, which China highly commends. It is our hope that the government and people of Antigua and Barbuda continues to support the government and people of China in the just cause of safeguarding China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, opposing separatist activities and achieving national reunification.


Spokesperson of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Antigua and Barbuda

Chinese Embassy, McKinnons Way, St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda
P.O.BOX 1446, St. John’s, Antigua, W.I.