What Kind of Country is China?
2021-07-21 21:45

On 21 July, 2021, the article titled "What Kind of Country is China?" was published on the Observer newspaper, authored by Mr. Wang Erdong, Chargé d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Antigua and Barbuda. The full text is as follows:

What kind of country is China exactly? It is not easy to give a best answer in short. I have been to many countries and talked with many people about that, but I just find out that the outside world lacks a correct and comprehensive understanding of China generally. Some approach the country by prejudice, some by misinformation, some by their own bushel and some just hearsay. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to share my views with friends in Antigua and Barbuda about my motherland of China .


China is a country of continuous civilization for millennia. It dates back long time ago when the Chinese people first emerged themselves on the earth. Perhaps only China has truly "[made] time for civilization". As a long-existing part on the earth, China has experienced both brilliance and suffering from evil acts of imperialist and colonial powers in history, from which China has learned lessons. China has survived in the end thanks to its resilience and enduring vitality, which are unique characters in the culture genes of the Chinese nation throughout history. In the face of complex internal and external environments, China has strong resource endowments and intellectual capability to deal with all obstacles.


China is a country on the path of achieving national rejuvenation. The world is undergoing changes unseen in a century, where such practices gain no popularity as seeking global hegemony or regional bullying. In the meantime, powers are on the track back to their original position on the international stage in history. As for China, it never provokes or intends to dominate, while its development has only one aim, which is to return to its original leading position, back to its previous normal state in history, so that the 1.4 billion Chinese people can live a better life. The era of Western development is a story about primitive industrial accumulation, "sheep devour people", slave trade and colonial expansion. In contrast, China's development is neither robbed nor stolen, or by transfer of contradictions or crisis, but is gained by the hard work of all Chinese people.


China is a country that is inclusive and open-minded. China never hesitates to learn from others and benefit from their mistakes as well as achievements. But China's modernization is by no means Westernization: China will not replicate or copy the Western mode, or follow its way to "dominate the world", or playing the role of  "Savior" or "beacon for the globe." China does not do that, neither does it take the initiative to compare systems. Rather, China chooses its development path that suits its own conditions, committed itself to developing socialism. History has no end; it will not end with a single system, thought or ideology. China will thus continue to explore its development path and reform its national system for better in an unremitting way.


China is a country that values unification of the nation. Unlike Europe, China has experienced division, but unification has always been the mainstream. That is to say, even in a divided China, each divided part will strive for promoting greater reunification with full efforts. This is the very reason why the stream of Chinese civilization has not ceased to flow for thousands of years. In the face of division and tumultuous times, the highest goal has always been the reunification of the whole nation for all capable ones, whether in ancient times or today. The Taiwan authority is just a provincial government; the Taiwan issue is merely a left-over from the Chinese civil war, which only becomes a pressing problem due to external intervention. Taiwan has been separated from the mainland for years; achieving reunification is the greatest wish of all Chinese people. Hence, reunification of Taiwan is a historical necessity that cannot be denied or stopped by any force.


China is a country that cherishes peace. It rejects hegemony while the strong bully the weak. Nonetheless, some people from the U.S. and other western countries still act on power politics and hegemonic competition, speculating about China based on their own historical experience and old-fashioned logic. China has the saying, "though a country is now strong, bellicosity will lead to its ruin." The Chinese nation do not have the genes of willful use of force, and China never provokes disputes or instigates color revolutions in any country. As a socialist country, China regards the interests of all the people as the core of its domestic policy. Peaceful development is the best choice for safeguarding national interests and the well-being of its people.


China is a large country of socialism from the East. The Confucian culture emphasizes the importance of ethical behavior and individual responsibility for the country and society. Under the socialist system, China fully protects individual rights and attaches importance to collective interests. In this fight against COVID-19, every Chinese citizen has made personal sacrifice for family and community. It is granted in the genes of the Chinese traditional cultural values that individual freedom shall never override the overall interests of the people and the country; request for privileged "human rights"  shall not undermine social stability by the few. China will not take the so-called "freedom of Western style" as the supreme spiritual totem that guides everything, or allow the unlimited expansion of capital, or let the "invisible hand" of market function without supervision.


China is not a perfect country, and it also faces difficulties and challenges. But in the first place, China will focus on its own development by deepening reforms and expanding opening-up, to ensure sustained economic development and improvement of people's lives. Meanwhile, China will fulfill its responsibility as a major player and contribute to world peace and stability. I sincerely invite friends from all walks of life in Antigua and Barbuda, to learn Chinese language, history and culture, to talk with Chinese people, to access Chinese Internet sites, to learn about Chinese political traditions, to travel to China and make more Chinese friends. I believe you will get a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of China.

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