One way to win is to help others win
2021-06-30 21:58


On 30th June, 2021, the POINTE XPRESS newspaper reported the arrival of the China-donated vaccines into the twin-island nation on the front page, and published the article, titled "One way to win is to help others win", authored by Mr. Wang Erdong, Chargé d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Antigua and Barbuda. The full text of the article is as follows:


 The 20,000 Sinopharm vaccines donated by China arrived finally in Antigua and Barbuda yesterday, after the great efforts made by all parties. This is really exciting news. The arrival of China-produced vaccines will definitely and greatly supplement vaccines of other types available in the twin-island nation.


The national vaccine rollout is proceeding in an orderly manner in Antigua and Barbuda; as of the end of the month, more than 1,2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered across China. Meanwhile, China's COVID-19 vaccine production capacity is creating a miracle. Up till now, two Chinese COVID-19 vaccines have been approved by WHO, and four included in the list available for export. Perhaps China is the only country in the world that possesses strong production capacity to supply safe and effective vaccines.


China opposes "vaccine nationalism", where rich countries with 16% of the world's population have access to 60% of the world's vaccines; some developed countries have ordered even more than 2-3 times their population. In sharp contrast, however, developing countries are suffering severe vaccine shortage. Therefore, China firmly takes vaccines as a global public good by providing vaccine aid to more than 80 countries, exporting vaccines to more than 50 countries, and cooperating with more than 10 nations in vaccine research and production.


As a Chinese saying has it, "It is not the gift that counts, but the friendship behind it." To help others win is one way to win in itself. The China-donated vaccine has conveyed sincere friendliness and kindness to friends in the twin-island nation, indicating that the Chinese people in the new era admire win-win cooperation with the outside world, ready to live up to more international obligations and responsibilities. It is also clearly seen that despite power politics and bullying of neighboring countries promoted by some western countries, there still exists the very human emotion of cherishing bond of relationship, doing what is right and providing a helping hand; China and Antigua and Barbuda have fully demonstrated that.


Kindness, generosity, and selfless dedication are not only part of human daily life, but should also form an aspect of state-to-state relations. In this interconnected world, the 7 billion human beings are no longer living on the 100 or some irrelevant ships; instead, they live in the 193 independent cabins on the same ship. But this ship is facing a choice, to sail towards a world of institutions in favor of minority countries and capital only, featuring zero-sum games, extreme selfishness, and hegemonism, or towards the other side in favor of the greatest majority, characterized by people-centeredness and a community of shared future for mankind in particular, for the maximum win-win results.


Due to the pandemic, to see and talk with each other face- to-face has become a luxury. Will each of us and the whole world become better? Will our values change accordingly? Will we be more willing to cultivate better interpersonal relationships and maintain social ties? Will the selfishness of some countries be curbed? In any case, if the Chinese vaccine can truly help Antigua and Barbuda in this fight against the virus, we will be more than happy.

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